Tuesday, July 27, 2010

love, tempted by sales and yoga update

creative title, huh?
so if you saw yesterday, dylan posted this on his blog. so of course, last night i added mine back on his blog.
yeah, we're cheesy, but you do things like this when you live apart.

yesterday before class, i took chloe for a walk like usual. i figured i would go to holt renfrew because i remembered they were having a summer sale where things were up to 60% off. i saw a lanvin 'love canvas pochette' on the sale table when i walked in. of course, the original price was like stupid high for what it was($350 i think), but once it was marked down, it was more reasonable. i hummed and hawed over it, walked around the rest of the store, thought about it some more, took a picture, sent it to dyl etc... then i just went for it. i mean, considering when i look at net-a-porter, and the cheapest lanvin thing on there is a $245 key chain (and i definitely paid much less than $245), how could i not get it? i think i actually got it for a bit more than 60% off, it was marked down twice. besides, when will i be able to afford anything by them again? certainly not in the near future!

and lastly, thanks for the words of encouragement with yoga the other day-i did it! i went on sunday (by myself!) and suffered through it. it was tough, it was challenging, and i had to stop a couple times. but i made it through. i also sweat like crazy (remember, it's bikram yoga). but obviously that's expected. seriously, like my finger tips and ears were sweating... didn't even know they could...as soon as it was over and they put the cool air on, i felt amazing. i/m hoping to back again either friday or sunday. 9 times left on my card! by the way, my legs are still sooo sore!!


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Oooh I LOVED my yoga experience! I had to take it for a P.E. requirement in college, and it honestly was the best i had ever felt! I sweat buckets, too! lol :) It really tones and defines.

Brittany said...

Love the picture, so cute! Love your little blog to each other.

I dated a guy that is in the army. I made a "Letters from home" blog for him. I wrote him almost every day on paper, and on the blog! I missed him so much, and I was just crazy!! :)

sad thing? He wrote me once! ha!

Jessi said...

It's adorable that you send your BF pictures like that.

And after reading this I feel like I need to try yoga some more...I've only rented DVDs and watched YouTube videos. I guess I should try the real thing. <3

Katie said...

aww you and dylan are too cute! I hate from sept-may i live over an hr away from steve and our schedules are so different its hard to spend time together.

I've tried yoga and didnt get into it I love pilates more

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Shelayna said...

I know exactly how you feel being apart! And yes its true when you have a long distance relationship you do funny stuff!


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