Wednesday, June 23, 2010

carbs all around...

last night, me and 4 of my girlfriends went to a nearby restaurant for some drinks and appetizers. appetizers are 2 for 1 all summer! so we got 4 appetizers and it was only $23; can you beat it!? we got some beer battered onion rings, nachos, spinach and cheese dip and kettle chips with onion/blue cheese/bacon. yep, all carbs, all crap=it was good.
and the drinks were delish too ;)  pic via

we were talking about the cottage and stuff and getting excited about it..can't wait! we packed it in once we couldn't eat anymore and the mosquitoes started coming out-gross. 

on another note-anyone else as obsessed with the Ne-Yo song "beautiful monster" as i am? i freakin love it, it's been on repeat all night and morning. also, the Eminem/Rihanna song "love the way you lie" - i'm not sure about it yet, i love her part and wish it was a whole song, but i just feel like they're 2 completely different songs put together..meh...i'll have to give his new cd a listen. it's sitting in my itunes. 


Katie said...

sounds like you had a good night out with your girlfriends i love those kinds of nights of food and drinks!

my boyfriend steve says "beautiful monster" reminds him of me! haha gee thanks.but it said its a good thing???
i love the new eminem song too!!

molly said...

is there anything better than carbs? hmmmm nope.

Annie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog hun!!
i'm following yours now! :)

i'm all about carbs, bring em on!! ;) glad you ladies had a fun night out together!!
i am off to check out the beautiful monster song...i'm sure i've heard it i just can not recall it right this second ;)

hope you had a great wednesday!!!

chelsea rebecca said...

how awesome!!
friends, food, and drinks!! thats pretty much perfection!!

Amber said...

Carbs = delish!
P.S. Go check out my blog - I gave you an award! :)

a little black cloud in a dress said...

why do carbs have to be sooo good?!

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