Monday, May 31, 2010

boo, you suck...

remember when my fridge went out last january, and i lost all my food (in the freezer too)? yeah, that sucked! well sure enough, last monday my food felt somewhat warm again. now, my kitchen power is connected to my bedroom power, so sometimes it goes out and i just go downstairs and flick the power breaker thingy and it's back to normal. it's also connected to another apartment, so i guess if we both have a lot of stuff running, it goes out. sometimes when i get home, i see my bedroom clock flashing, meaning the power went out. so on monday after coming home from the beach, the stuff in the fridge felt somewhat warm. my first thought was that the power went out and no one went down and flicked the switch for a couple hours. following? does this only make sense to me? it's hard to explain. after coming home from the fireworks at midnight, everything was WARM, including all the stuff in my packed freezer.

so, it was done again. i called my landlord tuesday morning, and of course, he wasn't in canada. perfect timing eh! (he wasn't last time either) so he told me he would get back to me wednesday morning when he got back. he did, and gave me a number to call to schedule a guy to come out. i called the company, and they couldn't get anyone out until thursday!! when he came, he said yep, it's completely done and i needed a new one! well how long would that take?! either way, i was going home for the weekend. it came friday morning when i wasn't here and the landlord let them in. so now i have a brand new fridge.

what sucked? living on a famine diet for about 4 days; that consisted of crumpets and peanut butter, oatmeal, a mcflurry for dinner one night, a fruit salad another night. it was awful. even the food that i keep in my cupboard needed stuff in the fridge to be made. simple things like soup, cereal, coffee..i couldn't make!! it was awful. i was starved. i could have eaten out every meal, but i didn't; i didn't want to spend all that money, and i didn't want to eat fast food 3 meals a day for 3 or 4 days. but, now it's all done, i'm all stocked up again and i can resume normal eating again tomorrow..woo hoo

the upside? i lost about 2lbs haha

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Kaleena J. said...

Yay! I say that's all worth it as long as their is weight loss involved haha. At my last apartment, we shared the power breaker with our upstairs and downstairs neighbors and it would go out all the time since there was so much stuff running. It was terrible. It screwed up alarm clocks almost every couple mornings.

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