Tuesday, April 13, 2010

heart of life

tried to get the boats and water in the background, not so successfully
hi! just me
can't wait to get started
yummy yummy food....

aw look at that face
aha waiting for the subway
tried to get the blur of the moving subway in the back, but i just look like a mess in the background; it's all good

on sunday, i got up early (as usual) and while dylan was still sleeping with chloe, i tried to think of something to do for the day- it was going to be beautiful. it only took me a second to think of the st. lawrence market, however, it's not opened on sundays. sad. BUT, the antique market is! so, when he woke up/i woke his ass up, i told him of the plan and we headed out by 11. what's good about taking the subway/street car on the weekend in toronto is the pass you can get for $10 that we can both share and we have unlimited use of it for that day, so we can go anywhere we want!

we browsed around the market, but stuff was a little overpriced in my opinion. i found a nice little corner shelf, but it was $275-no thanks...after walking around, we were starving, and took the street car up to queen st. i had always wanted to try the Korean Grill House, where you cook your own meat on the grill in the middle of your table. i always looked in the windows in awe and my mouth would start to water whenever i passed one in toronto lol so that's what we did! it was 8.99 each and you get unlimited beef, pork, chicken, 2 types of fish (yuk) and rice.

at first, dylan hated it..but i loved it. it was so fun, and after a while, dylan started to like it too. the only bad thing was that the chicken was really fatty, so i didn't eat that. i'm so happy i finally got to satisfy my craving for this and i will definitely go back for more :)

anyways, i'm off to get a starbucks and try to return a pair of shorts at h&m without a receipt, but with the tags still on. i'm hoping they give me a store credit to get a different pair.

happy tuesday!


Iva said...

awesome blazer and jeans!!

Gabby said...

I love Korean BBQ! Looks like fun, lady!

Magpie said...

That food looks delicious, I definitely need to try something like that!

Carina the Blogarina said...

Looks and sounds like fun! I love your outfit! Dark jeans and a cool, black blazer - classic :)

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