Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pat on the back, "good job" for dylan

dylan has been at his retail job selling hiking clothes/shoes/shorts etc since about mid-december. he works part-time, since he is a student, and he was just told he is the #1 'items-per-sale' seller in all of ontario! and he got just over a dollar raise and was given store keys and manager-on-duty title!
just wanted to say GOODJOB to my dyl. like he says, he could sell sand to the desert lol he also has a way with words and talk anything into anything haha
so, all of this in only 3ish months.

enjoy your new status! ;)
oh, and happy st patties day! enjoy having all those green beers, you drinkers out there!! (i'm not one of those beer people, but i did wear green today;) )

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