Wednesday, March 24, 2010

good day...

i went to the corner store to get some m&m's on my way home for a snack tonight-i noticed they had coconut ones. are these new? i saw my aunt had mentioned them on facebook a few weeks ago, and she was looking for them. she couldn't find them anywhere, not even the m&m store when she was in florida. apparently they are limited edition or something. but when i went to the store, they were just there staring at me. so i went back and got her a few packs after i talked to her and made sure they were the right ones. i also got myself a pack.
these things are goooood clark (in cousin eddie's voice from christmas vacation).

also, when i came back, i saw that i had mail (i never get mail to my toronto address, not even bills-except for the very odd letter from dylan-so it always excites me). it was a card from my parents just saying hi with a metro gift card in it (grocery store)! yay, perfect timing, because i needed to do groceries and am in serious need of fruits this weekend.

ok, back to reading! and eating coconut m&m's. yum.


trishie said...

coconut M&MS? Oh my i must try them!!

PS: i'm hosting a giveaway at my blog, would love for you to enter:

Anonymous said...

I want coconut m&ms! I NEED coconut m&ms! Im so jealous.

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