Monday, March 22, 2010

feet photo!

even though i'm busy working my butt off, of course i couldn't miss feet photo day! remember when i thought spring was here? it was all 17 degrees, tshirt wearing weather? ya, well that was all a joke, because lately i have been needing slippers to keep my feet warm! might help if i had pants on, or shut my windows, but i like fresh air and i prefer to wear shorts around my place with a housecoat or sweater. it's back down to about 5ish degrees and raining. oh well, at least i don't have to study with the sun being a tease outside, like "come take the dog for a walk, it's so nice out, you know you want to go window shopping..."

as per usual, go to my teacups in peony
for more :)

ps. i left my place at 830 today (and then came back home) to head for starbucks for the free pastry..expecting a HUGE line, and it was much shorter than i got my free lemon poppysead bread :) happy.


nicole addison said...

adorable:) warm weather hurry up! oh and there's the little pup, so cute:)

Amanda said...

Its was such a tease having the nice weather! but you're right, it could be alot worse to be stuck inside working instead of playing with the dogs in the sun.

Amoree said...

I have those slippers!!

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