Thursday, March 18, 2010

feet love

i love the bottom of these shoes.
i was a little sad on tuesday that we didn't get to do the whole 'feet photo' thing, but that's ok, it was with good reason ;) but, without further ado, here's another round of feet photos. these pics are from my 2008 trip to nyc, don't mind the dirt on my ankles in the 2nd picture, i had been walking around all day lol
the salesman at macys was very good, and talked me into paying a lot more than i would usually pay for shoes haha but i actually get a lot of use out of these shoes and i love them!

head on over to my teacups in peony for more :)

i actually had this post ready for 2 days ago (shh), and then figured i would just schedule it for next tuesday instead, but since nicole decided to do a feet post tonight, here we go! (make sense?)


nicole addison said...

aw thanks for saving it hun! sorry i was a slacker this week:) but i am in love with those shoes... wow.

-city-love- said...

thanks :)
and you were on vacay, totally acceptable to slack. haha

Sophie Carmo said...


lindsey said...

LOVE these shoes, and your blog! :o)

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