Saturday, March 27, 2010

can't fool me...

on thursday morning, dylan was asking me if i wanted him to come up for the day. i said no because i had a lot of work to do and i had to leave for class at 5 anyways. so he said ok and that was that. sometimes he will tell me he can't come, or isn't coming, and then surprises me anyway, which is nice. but this time, he made sure to tell me he wasn't going to surprise me and not to be upset when he doesn't show up later haha (most of time i just 'know' when he is going to surprise me, and then other times, i think he is going to, but he really doesn't lol).

so anyways, i was in class, and dylan was texting me, asking me if my friend was walking me home (we walk together up until the subway, then i'm pretty close to home), and i said ya, like usual. then he texted me again, 'is class almost done?' i started getting this feeling that he was going to be at my place when i got home.

as i was rounding the corner to my place, i looked in my window to see if lights were on-nope. so i walked up to my place, put my key in the door, and was worried he was going to be standing there and startle me lol i always keep my kitchen light on (so i have light on when i come home at night) and the first thing i notice is that my kettle is on my kitchen counter and the water is filled up to the 8 cup line..i kind of freaked out, and my mind was racing, did i have coffee today? no; did i make oatmeal today? no; did i use my kettle today? am i losing my mind again? i quickly realized the answer to all of the above was NO and i don't fill the kettle with that much water, because it takes much longer to boil. but who does? dylan. i looked in my bedroom, and he wasn't there...keep in mind, my place is like 300sq ft or smaller. i'm snooping around my place all suspicious, i let chloe out of her crate in my room and come back into my living room to take her out for her pee. then a shoe comes flying out of my closet. and i say, "dylan get out here" kind of nervously; nothing. so i go to walk out and then diana and dylan come out of my closet!! haha i laughed, but my heart was beating a little.

they said they had been planning the whole thing all day..sneaky buggers. they also said they were dying of heat hiding in my closet for like 15 minutes lol

i think they were hoping for this face, sorry guys. pic here

had it not been for the kettle, that probably would have been what i looked like. also, they set up two different angles of cameras to video tape the thing-although it's not very exciting lol after that, we went and saw remember me-really enjoyed it! i'm not a typical fan of r patz, or twilight, but he definitely looked sexy in this movie!

better luck next time folks, i'm too smart for surprises ;)

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Kayla said...

So funny! Just appreciate his efforts and love him!

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