Friday, December 11, 2009

secret santa gift block...

so next saturday is our annual girls potluck/gift exchange (ill be heading home to my parents for 3weeks-ish on wednesday..yippie)..its our 5th year having it and this year its at my place (well, my place in toronto is far to small lol)...soo im making a caserole and red velvet cake!! oh boy, i cannot wait to make it again....i was watching ace of cakes the other night and they were making blue velvet cake for paula deen's birthday...and i thought, hey, i guess i could really put any color food coloring in...seeing as its already a 3 layer cake, i thought about doing the top and bottom layer red, as usual, and the middle one green...that way when you cut into it, it would look all fancy and cool....but then i changed my not sure people would appreciate eating green cake..even though its obvi gonna taste the might be weird lol me..i wouldnt care..but some of these girls are picky lol so im going to stick to the normal red!

anyways, my point is...i have no idea what to get for the secret santa! we just decided the limit is $30 and we arent going to pick names this year because we cant all get together before hand to do that. so, that night, were gonna randomly pick one that we want, or play a game, or w/e.
last year we had a theme (pink), but this year, as of right now, there is no theme.
and i am stuck! i mean, everyone has different tastes, everyone is different sizes...its so hard!
we have done the pajamas, slippers, housecoat, nail polish, creams, bath stuff, scarf, clothes (when we had picked names), jewelry, and what not..and i just dont want to go the same route again. but i am drawing a complete blank.

and obviously, i dont have much time..i have probably tues, wed and thurs free next week..

the good news, between reading, studying and paper writing, i got some shopping done!
my dad is partially done-food network subscription again, and another undecided something
pic here
mom-ornament and nicole richie ring from house of harlow match the bracelet i got her for her bday in october.
this is the bracelet, but the ring is the same..and wow, its half the price in the states than what i paid here!! geez...pic from here
dyl--well i cant say; because he reads this ;) (hii dyl!!)
pic flickr
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