Wednesday, December 9, 2009

one more down...

woke up to snow and slush today--then it rained all day until 3 which made everything even more slushy and gross. anyways, i had final #2 tonight-- 2 1/2 went pretty good i think! just happy it's done.
countdown-t minus 6 days until i'm done and i have a break! however, a long list of things to do..
dec. 18-my aunts 50th birthday party
dec 19-girls xmas potluck
dec 20-grandpa's bday get together
dec 22-dentist and something else..i can't remember
dec 23-tea and dessert (egg nog cupcakes!) with dylans aunt
dec 24--xmas eve obvi..
dec 25--heyyyy santa!!!

so wait, what break?!?

1 comment:

Elizabeth Marie said...

Busy busy!!!! I'm sure you'll have fun though!

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