Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bring on everything christmas!

because i am
all papers, exams and what not--finito, complete-its a joyous day-a month and a half in waiting (well obviously the semester was 3.5 months, but the last month and half have been bruuutall!!!)

after my final this morning, i finished dylans gift, bought a gift for the secret santa, went to indigo to buy 2 xmas cards and at the cash my total was $18, so i said no thanks and picked 2 not so expensive ones..a little ridiculous if you ask me...

now, im home...relaxing with chocolate cake i made yesterday!!! :):):)

and later, i have to pack and clean to go home tomorrow for 3 weeks !

life is good right now.

1 comment:

mart and lu said...

yay your done... i love that feeling. a sense of accomplishment! congrats.

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