Friday, December 18, 2009

baking away...

so im home!! i came back to a fully christmas decorated house..which i love.
yesterday i decided to try my cupcake moulds with some funfetti cupcake mix i had. i wanted to make sure the moulds worked out ok before i made them for someone on the 23rd.

the gingerbread men were the hardest to decorate i found-plus, i only had 2 colors to work with-white and green. yes, i could have died icing with food coloring, but i was using icing out a can with all the toppers that make it come out funky-so, not an option.

pretty fun day if you ask me. and i think they turned out pretty swell, and yummy too!

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My Favourite Things said...

Yummy! I love Christmas baking :)

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