Monday, November 23, 2009

lovey dovey weekend

our plans for our 3 year anni didnt work out as planned.
we forgot to call for reservations on friday (we were going out saturday), so when we called saturday, we found out they were closed for a private function. boo-urns. so after looking at a bunch of other places in yorkville, we decided the food was too frou frou lol but i did find out about the yorkville holiday magic. they had a little dance act and then lit all the christmas lights around the streets. so we saw that, got some free apple cider and gingerbread cookies and walked around in the lights. then we totally switched our dinner plans and went for a good ole burger! oh and i surprised dylan with a mini red velvet cake i had ordered about 3 weeks ago..omg it was sooo good. dessert lady hands down the best red velvet cupcakes and cake! part of the show in yorkville.

back home enjoying our cake!
on sunday, my friend came over after dinner to hang out with dyl and's our trio <3
we had planned to just go for drinks, but as i was at the bank machine taking money out, we were beside a window that xmas decorated. my friend made a comment about it, so i had to take her down to holt renfrews windows. love. since we were down that way, and now out of the way we were going, we decided to go down yonge st. then she suggested seeing new moon-this girl is a HUGE fan-she already saw it thursday obviously, waited in line for about 5 hours when she already had her ticket...anyways.. thats what we did. i havent read the books, but i saw the first movie...gotta say...wait for it...i didnt like it! i dunno, the first one was better, stilll not great, and it was just full of cheese! lol and we also got crepes before the movie from cafe crepe. oh so good.

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