Friday, November 20, 2009

its OUR day

today is our 3 year anniversary! dylan is coming up shortly and then we are going to grab a coffee and then do some groceries. for dinner, im going to make my fave cauliflower cheddar soup! yumm
then tomorrow night we are going out for dinner at a little italian place close by. hopefully it's as delish as i hear.
this was our first year anniversary-2007-we went to Panorama which is on the 52nd (i think)floor of the manulife centre; you get a great view of the city.
and on our second anni, we went to canyon creek, where the food was great, and it was a nice atmosphere...

I love you!!!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Happy 3 Year!!!!! that is awesome!

-city-love- said...

thank you! :)

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