Wednesday, October 28, 2009

just a short to do list away from fun..

so tomorrow is thursday..only one class at 6pm..and my mom will be here when i get home just after 8-then ill head on home for the weekend! yay..but first, my to do list for tmrw:
-make up grocery list
-make sure i bring all parts my costume home
-read!!! (do i have toooo???)

anyways, after that, im free to be dressed up and celebrate some scary good times. like i said, 2 house parties, friday with my friends (not that my friends arent dylans friends, but you know what i mean) and saturday with dylans friends.

also, the next few weekends are kinda awesome and fun-filled; such as:
-this weekend--obvi..halloween! (boo)
next weekend (my neighbours wedding, i finally get to wear my dress)
-then a weekend with nothing planned
-after that? the 20th is our 3 year anniversary..
-last stop on the fun train (as far as planned events go)--miss paparazzi herself

sounds good to me. yup

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