Monday, October 26, 2009

beautiful, dirty, rich...

im totally excited to be going to see LADY GAGA at the end of november!! wooo i wanted to go see her and kanye and was totally bummed when the concert got cancelled (even though he is an ass, his music rocks..IMO)...anyways, shortly after, i found out she would be going on tour on her own..soo on saturday at 11:59 i was at my computer ready to buy tickets..even right away, the floor seats and 200 section seating was GONE! i was only offerred seats in the 300's..
i got one set of tickets that were off to the side of the stage, and after a brief debate, i gave them up in the hopes of getting better tickets. and i think i did. even though were in the the 300s, its not that bad..the stage is directly in front of us, and we are the first row of that section-meaning no one in front of us to block us (mostly me, you know-being 5'2" at concerts sucksss)
so i think our seats will actually be pretty good. i am sooo excited because i think she will put on an amazing show, and be so entertaining and over the top-not to mention, she sounds amazing live and will not be lip synching..
this was a possible halloween costume, but people may have thought i was crazy? lol


Gabby said...

YAY! I got tickets to see her in December. It was crazy though, it was completely sold out in like 2 I had to buy them from a ticket broker and pay a little more. Boo. But still, I'm excited! She's actually playing in a pretty small venue here (LA).

-city-love- said...

small venue would be even better, but i'll take what i can get! ha i tortured myself and went back a few hours later to see if by chance better tickets would pop up-that was a NO..definitely sold out.

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