Thursday, January 7, 2016


two weeks after chritmas already? guess it's about time i get a post together, ya? on christmas eve, i ended up leaving the office around 10:30, rushing home to pack everything up, and head back home for a few weeks. we started off with a visit to my grandma's, then to dylan's aunt and uncle's place for the majority of the night with dylan's brother and parents. after that, we went back to his parents to his exchange gifts with them. then! after that, we went back to my parents' for the night.

it's like santa's workshop. 
for dylan's side, we all had to wear onesies. 
it's christmas morning! 

books! i love my books.
i'll be honest. i was a little confused when i opened the fitbit. i had never mentioned one, didn't really even know what they were, and i definitely don't exercise. i had no idea why dylan got it for me and basically planned on returning it. then i started looking at it online, i realized i would give it a shot. i think it's fair to say, this thing has me obsessed with reaching all my goals! mostly the step goal. sorry for overreacting, dyl!

my mom really needed to replace her small purse camera, so an upgrade it was. along with a dvd and a bracelet. she's a tough one to buy for.
we tricked my dad into thinking we just got him a wireless speaker (he's wanted one since he saw dylan's)
nope! we had something big hiding in the bathroom the last few days.

a smoker! i think he was pretty stoked with it. and hey, dylan can't wait for some smoked meat in the spring.

now gifts from the parents. these iphone lenses are actually pretty cool and work great.
more books. i'll be kept busy for a while.

dylan's haul from my parents. games, video games, gift cards, luggage. he does well.
and finally some shared gifts. thing for around the home, gift cards, etc.

but the best gift...
was a beautiful hardcover flat lay book with thick pages of pictures of our trip to italy. amazing.
*book from picaboo*

well, that's it for christmas 2015. always a blast. until next year! 


Amanda said...

Merry Christmas!! Looks like you guys got and gave some great gifts! I should keep a smoker in mind for MY dad next year. Love that picture of Chloe w/ the treat!

Anonymous said...

Great post, it looks like you had a lovely Christmas! LOVE the photo book - you've just given me an idea for my mum's 60th birthday! xo

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