Wednesday, December 16, 2015

potluck #1...

two weekends ago we hosted a potluck with 4 of our friends. we were so busy on saturday - cleaning, getting groceries, cooking, setting everything up (making the perfect christmas playlist;)), etc. you look around thinking, "is everything perfect? did i get that last dust bunny that's hiding in the corner?" but then you realize that's it's likely only you who notices that stuff. we covered the turkey, ham, wine, and dessert, while the others covered stuffing, potatoes, salad, buns, and cranberry sauce. we basically had a traditional christmas dinner covered. everything was absolutely amazing.
 the only picture i have of the red velvet cake i made.
 we even turned on the fireplace for our guests!


dinner is served.

we basically used every utensil, serving dish, plate, bowl, etc in our kitchen. it's safe to say it was a complete disaster the next morning. no doubt it's a lot of work hosting a small dinner, but it's definitely fun.

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