Friday, November 20, 2015

living room makeover...

after 4 long weeks (that felt like an eternity) our new furniture arrived on wednesday! we were so happy to get that broken couch out of our place (story of said broken couch here). a week after we ordered the couch and chair, we went to pottery barn to look for throw pillows and blankets and left with that giant new coffee table. seriously, we did not measure it in store for some reason. when we put it in our place, it was probably double what thought it would be! oops. luckily, it still works in the space. and of course, we left with no throw pillows or blanket.

 the chair is probably me favorite addition.

a perfect reading spot.

we had our fingers crossed tightly that it would all arrive when it did since we have 3 or 4 christmas dinners with friends and family coming up (one tomorow). here is to furniture being delivered on time and kicking off the christmas season.

edit: we finally added a blanket and one colorful pillow. still on the hunt for more!


Amy said...

I love it!! That chair is AMAZING. I really wish we had space in our living room for a chair, but it would would so out of place

The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

The living room looks fabulous!!!

daniela said...

Again - I love it! It's so neat & tidy :) And the 'candles in a basket' idea is awesome!!

Life Inside The Locket said...

Love what you've done with the space here; you've got it looking very cosy! :)
Life inside the Locket

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