Monday, October 19, 2015

a new job...

after one year at my job, i decided to make a change. was i actively looking for a new job or even slightly considering moving? nope. a few weeks ago, my one boss called me into her office (i work for 3 partners). well, let me back up. it was a thursday and my boss asked me if she could take me out for lunch because i had been doing so well. i was honest with her and told her that i have had really bad anxiety for quite a while and haven't actually been able to eat out at a restaurant since late summer (that's a whole 'nother story). she was totally cool about it and said we could just grab lunch in her office the next day. 

the next day came and when we were in her office she told me that after 17 years with the firm, she had decided to move to a smaller firm and wanted to know if i would like to go with her. i was in total shock. she explained everything would be the same in terms of benefits, there would be a generous raise, the probation period would be waived and i would go right to permanent, and i had the weekend to think about it. i was completely flattered and knew it wouldn't be an easy decision. i work for and with some of the nicest people. i became pretty close to the girls in the section and i knew it would be tough to leave them. plus, i'm a creature of habit and i basically hate change. add in the fact that my anxiety has been really bad and hard to manage lately; was it really the best move?

i talked it over with dylan and we both agreed that it was a great opportunity. i'm going from a firm with 200+ lawyers and 6.5 floors, to approximately 60 lawyers and 1.5 floors. i'm leaving the heart of the financial district and working on bay street, and moving just a few blocks away. lucky for me, it's still totally walkable from home.

fun fact for those of you who watch the show suits: you know the main lobby that they film in? that's where i worked the last year (bay adelaide centre). we see them filming in and around the area quite often and i always get so excited. lucky for me, they also film around the office i'm moving to. 

well, today is my first day and in the words of ruby sue from christmas vacation, i'm shittin' bricks.


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

That's awesome, congrats. sometimes changes are great and perfect timing. I am thinking after the new year I need a little change myself, I hate the stress of it though.

Amanda said...

Ah that's so exciting! I am sure you'll rock your first day! It's really cool that she asked you to go with her. :)

Also let's hear more about your anxiety! What's going on girl?? I went through a bad couple of months/year during law school where my anxiety was off the charts so I feel for you. :-/

Amy said...

Congratulations! I think it's a huge honour that you were asked to move with a superior! All change is difficult, but I'm sure it won't be too different than what you were already doing.

Also, hopefully you can find some ways to manage your anxiety a little better, it's never fun to be crippled by anxiety. I had it really bad in university!

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