Friday, September 4, 2015

1 year...

it's hard to believe that i just celebrated a year at my job. i figured my anniversary was coming up, but i couldn't quite remember the day. then one day last week, i saw my name on the homepage with a small congrats. a year! i remember walking into my first day of co-op and basically wanting to throw up from nerves. well, here i am. a year in and still learning something new every day.

i got home from work yesterday, checked the mail, picked up a small package and figured dylan had ordered himself something online. turns out it was a little surprise for me! an adorable little stapler necklace to celebrate 365 days. a perfect fit (since i do a lot of stapling during the day ;)).

please note dylan still sleeping in the background this morning.

now on to the next 365 days.

ps. happy long weekend! 

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