Wednesday, July 15, 2015

an early birthday weekend...

with my birthday coming up and us not being around town the next few weekends, my parents came up for dinner this past saturday. we enjoyed a walk around the st lawrence market, had some meat and cheese back at our place, then went out to a great indian place in the neighbourhood - bindia.
 all from the market - how awesome is that?

 the food is just so so good.
 dylan was making them laugh and we couldn't get a picture with their eyes open.

 first part of my gift i opened was a book with this note and i was a little confused. i'm getting doughnuts??
ohhh dough(money) and peanuts (nuts) - doughtnuts! i get it. my mom is a clever one.
 my parents know me well. books, coffee, and some money.

we have a couple pretty great weekends planned and i cannot wait. i know i can't expect perfect weather every weekend, but pretty please? let's hold back on the rain in august, ok?

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