Tuesday, June 16, 2015

bridesmaid on duty...

a few weeks ago one of my girl friend's got engaged. on friday evening she had a bunch of us girls over and asked us to be her bridesmaids! she had boxes laid out on the dining room table with our names on them and inside were these bridesmaid hangers! this is my first time being a bridesmaid and i'm so excited! she's told us that the wedding will be around 350-400 people (yikes) and so now i just have to prepare myself that i will be walking into a room full of people at the reception! luckily, i've got about 14 months ;)

fun story: the last time i was in a wedding, i was probably 7-9 years old and i was a junior bridesmaid. i was a little chubby back in the day, and between each dress fitting the dress was getting tighter. the dressmaker had to keep letting the dress out between each fitting because i was gaining a little weight each time! it wasn't until years later when i was told this story and i just have to laugh about it now. 

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Amy said...

Yikes that is a HUGE wedding! I would be nervous too!! I can't imagine the work that goes into planning something that big... I'm stressing over planning our wedding for 150! Ahh!!

I'm a bridesmaid for the first time next month, it's definitely been a fun period of my life :)

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