Friday, May 29, 2015

italy diary: SORRENTO/AMALFI

on wednesday morning, we were finally able to wake up whenever we wanted - no alarms needed! we had until 3pm to spend our last bit of time in sorrento as we liked, no tours, until it was time to leave for amalfi. we walked through a lemon garden, walked the streets a bit more, and had a really delicious lunch at a place called inn bufalito.


cute little pup, watching the people pass by.
more alleyway meals.
that was one good caprese salad.

some of the best pasta i've ever had.


after lunch, we went back to our hotel, grabbed our bags, and waited for the vehicle that would take us to amalfi. now, that drive from sorrento to amalfi is something. something slightly terrifying. what really should be one lane, one way, is two. you have giant coach buses that are inching by each other, stopping traffic because they can't make corners. it's insane. but it's also beautiful to look at.

look at that road!
finally made it to our hotel!

we settled into our room and went out to explore. within about 3 minutes, i saw a table with boat rental information. i suggested to dylan we should check it out and maybe rent a boat. dylan asked what the biggest boat was that he could rent was without having a boating licence. i kept asking him,"are you sure you know how to drive a boat?? you've never done this!' he insisted it was fine and signed away on the dotted line. note: we signed an italian contract. we really have no idea what it said. probably something like, you crash the boat, we're charging you $25,000.

dylan got probably the shortest lesson on driving a boat ever. i'm not exaggerating when i say it was about 3 minutes tops. "ok so ugh, this is to go forward, this is neutral, umm, put the anchor down if you want to go swimming, stay about 200 meters away from the coast...i think that's it!" and we were off!
 captain dyl.

 even i drove the boat for about a minute!

there she is.

honestly, it was one of the highlights of the trip for us. 50 euros for 2.5 hours. i highly recommend doing something like this!

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