Thursday, March 26, 2015

catch up...

i've been consumed by work lately and haven't had a whole lot going on. the weather has been fairly crummy, with a few nice days thrown in, still limited the things we can do outdoors on the weekends. in the meantime, i'll play catch up with a few old things:

last month was my best friend's 28th birthday. 6 of us girls went out to dinner first and then met up with about 20 friends at the bowling alley afterwards. i actually wasn't terrible, if you can believe that! on a side note: me and the birthday girl were the only 2 in the huge group who had to wear wristbands to show we were actually over 19. seriously. #foreveryoung
 dylan couldn't make it because he was in ottawa for work, but he called the restaurant and had a tequila shot sent over!

 the little one.
 looking all majestic and stuff.
 slowly buying stuff for italy. we've decided on no suitcases, strictly backpacks. wish me luck.

walking around the st lawrence market one fine sunday.
 evening strolls down at the harbourfront.
 apparently dylan hates walks and beautiful sunsets.

all i can say is tgit. oh, one other thing: we have a leak in our ceiling in our den and management doesn't seem concerned. so that's awesome. maybe today they'll take more action than last night? because hello, there's like a sack of water hanging on by paint (well that's what it looks like) that's about a foot and a half wide by about 3 inches long. yay.

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