Thursday, February 19, 2015

niagara falls in winter...

having family day off this past monday, i tried to think of something we could do to end our nice weekend together. paying no mind to the fact that it was approximately -20 degrees celsius, we decided to go check out the falls (thinking maybe they were frozen) and make a quick trip to the casino. unfortunately,  the casino was a bust and we lost the little bit we went in with in about 1.5 minutes playing war.

canadian falls from the skylon tower. 
pretty sure the american falls were frozen. 

the amount of ice on the railings gets much thicker the closer you get to the falls.

wintery wonderland. 

i can't believe how turquoise the water looked.
ice. lots of ice.

shards of ice flowing.

even though it was so cold, there were still plenty of people around looking at the falls. it's so different than seeing it in the summer, and certainly beautiful (if you can look past a few frozen fingertips).


Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing photos! xo

Baffled Baboon said...

These are some great photos! Thanks for sharing

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