Wednesday, January 14, 2015

chicken potpie...

for the longest time now, i've wanted to make a pie crust from scratch. that said, i had always heard that it was kind of difficult to master so i just never did it. that changed once i got my kitchenaid for christmas. we really had no plans saturday so i figured i would make myself a slave to the kitchen and make a chicken potpie from scratch.

i used this recipe for the crust and it came together so easily and quickly that i was impressed with myself right off the bat. ha! next i cooked up my chicken, shredded it, and left it for later. i used martha stewart's potpie recipe, but she doesn't put the crust on the bottom of the pie. that was kind of a must for me, so i cut the dough in half, rolled the first half (or rather, dylan did), put it in the bottom of my pie pan and cooked it about 10 minutes. after that, i put the filling in and covered it with the rest of the crust. once the entire pie was all said and done, i realized that the bottom could have been cooked slightly longer on its own to make it even better, but it was fine.

the filling came together very easily and before i knew it, i had a pie in the oven and we were just waiting for the minutes to pass.
here we go!
let there be dough.

looking good.
a little egg wash is a must.
there she is in all her glory.

i made that!
nom nom nom.

we let the pie sit for 15 minutes once out of the oven as instructed in the recipe, however, it was still runny when we cut in. i was pretty disappointed, but the taste was certainly delicious. once we went back for seconds, it was much more firm, so i guess we just didn't let it sit long enough. some of the comments on the recipe said that the filling was blande and tasteless, but i completely disagree. i thought this pie was pretty amazing. it was flavorful, easy (though a little time consuming), and the crust was flaky. for my first shot, i give myself an 'A'.

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Dylan said...

We have to try this again soon!

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