Wednesday, October 1, 2014

early birthday surprise...

back when i had graduated university 3 years ago, i had grand plans of finding a job somewhat easily and being able to get my parents a few nice things as a major thank you for all they've done for me. i wrote here about all that, but as we all know, i was not knocking down job offers and had to go back to school. well now that i do have a good job, as with dylan, we're finally able to spoil my parents a bit.

my mom's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and i'm always completely stumped as to what to get her for special occasions; she's someone who buys pretty much everything she wants, within reason. she loves jewelry, but i can only get her so much. a fewweeks ago, we were at their house and my mom handed me her little point and shoot camera to show me pictures and that's when the light bulb went off. it was finally time to get her that camera she's always wanted. dylan was all on board and even upped the budget from what i originally had in mind (of course he did, he loves buying gifts and spending money ;)). dylan did all the researching and we settled on the canon t3i with a lens kit and also got her a case that happened to come with an extra battery.

my parents are going away to quebec city on my mom's birthday weekend and so we wanted to give this to her early so that she could have time to play with it before they go and get used to all the settings. we gave it to her under the guise of, oh we're not sure if we'll make it back the next 2 weekends with dylan's work and all.

the moment she knows what it is.


the reason we chose canon over nikon (which we have) is because my parents have a canon film camera from years and years ago (probably the 80/90s) and have a few lenses and a flash. because the lenses are automatic, they still work on the new camera, which is awesome!

after charging the battery, the obvious thing is to take photos, and chloe makes a pretty cute subject.


i know she think it's too much, but at the same time, she absolutely loves it and couldn't believe we did it. i better get my smiles ready because i know there are going to be even more pictures in my life now.

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