Wednesday, July 9, 2014

humber river...

after finishing our dinner at the pie commission and doing some errands on friday, we were driving home and figured we might as well stop at the bridge that we drive past all the time. i've always wanted to walk across it and see what the path was like, so we did just that.

humber bay arch bridge.

but first, lemme take a selfie.

lots of people had the same idea this night.

the starting a  love locks bridge?
so peaceful.
we couldn't believe how quiet and relaxing it was just a bit further past the bridge. there were sailboats going by, beautiful new (and some old) condos, and you could hear all the insects. it's a whole other world just outside downtown.


Amanda said...

I love the picture of the sailboat!

daniela said...

I love Humber Bay!!! You're right - it's so peaceful & quiet, it's hard to believe how close it is to the city core. We like to bike to the marina (just past the bridge), relax for a bit and bike back. Thanks for reminding me to do that soon :)

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