Monday, June 9, 2014

picnicking in the park...

this weekend we got together with a group of friends and had a picnic in trinity bellwoods park, along with hundreds of other people doing the same thing ;) i don't think we could have asked for better weather - 27 degrees, no humidity, and pure sun with not a cloud in the sky. we brought all the fixin's to make a greek salad, while others brought some fruit, chips, and other snacks.
 strolling through the park.

after leaving the park, we took a short walk over to a new ice cream place that recently opened and i had been dying to try - bang bang ice cream and bakery. i would say the focus is on ice cream sandwiches, but you can skip the cookie and get just ice cream, too. or, you can get a macaron instead of a cookie, or maybe a nutella puff? whatever floats your boat. just know that everything is homemade and the options are a plenty. i went with one ginger cookie split in half and got captain crunch ice cream ($4.50). dylan got 2 peanut butter cookies with banana pudding ice cream for $7. honestly, i found the prices to be more than reasonable, considering the size and quality. you best check this place out!
 the absolute best.
more please.

and what's better proof of having a great day in the sun than a little sunburn? my legs got a slight burn, but it's already turned to a minor tan (score!) and dylan walked away with a nice burn around his sunglasses, leaving him with white eyes which makes me laugh whenever i look at him. at least i was smart enough to cover my arms/back/face with spf!

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daniela said...

I so wanted to try this place out on Monday evening...except they're closed Mondays.
WHAT is with Toronto establishments and taking either Sunday or Monday off..or both?!

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