Monday, June 23, 2014

good cup of joe...

saturday was a beautiful, sunny day and we decided to take advantage and get out for a walk. dylan had bought a nintendo 2ds the night before, but it wasn't until he got home that he realized they gave him the wrong one (he wanted the one with pokemon pre-installed). we took a walk over to the store and afterwards took a walk through the bay - i love that store. since all the renovations on it, it really has become quite beautiful and more upscale. i really wanted to check out their new kitchen accessories on level 7 ('s like heaven), but first wanted to go to the nespresso bar downstairs to see if we could get a sample. i've always heard of these machines and stare at them every time i enter the store, but had never had one. i figured with the big price tags attached to them, they must be pretty special.

we get talking to the girl there and we find out that it's only for 'club members' ie those that have already purchased the machine and are just there to buy more pods and grab a (free) coffee while waiting. bummer. she starts telling us about the machines and i can tell by the look on dylan's face and the questions he's asking that he's seriously interested and we're in trouble. which one is he drawn to? the one that she likens to the mercedes  of their models that comes with a price of $799. i basically want to laugh in her face and hightale it outta there. but then she tells us that upstairs on floor 7, there's a few left that are very, very marked down because of the color and that they were special edition.

we head upstairs and find the sample area where they also sell the machines. we told the girl that we heard there was one marked down and again, get to talking. we explain that we've had both the tassimo and the keurig (current) and the tassimo lasted about a year max, and having only had the keurig since christmas, it's already going on us. we needed something of a better quality. i needed some more time to think about this possible impulse buy, so we walked around the store after being told that there were only 6 left in the system country-wide. i eventually got on board with dylan and decided that, you know what, it's highly unlikely we would come across this deal again.

so we tell her we'll take it. and then she goes and looks for it, but comes back and says the system was wrong, and there's actually none left. anywhere. cue mild sadness. but someone else pipes up that they think it might be downstairs. ultimately, they did find one and we got the very last one in canada for that price - the gran maestria.

once we got home and set it up, we realized that it definitley couldn't go on our kitchen counter, it's just too big and our space is too small. we've moved it over by my bookshelf by the windows and are thinking of making that a little coffee bar area.

this baby does it all - espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano, and it even comes with a cup warmer. we find the quality to be great, it feels like we're drinking something we bought in a cafe. we're still fiddling around with the settings and finding what setting we like our espresso brewed at, and what pods we prefer over others, but so far, it's great! another cool thing is that it can froth cold milk for iced drinks. perfect for this week of mid-30 temperatures! 

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Lor said...

As an avid coffee drinker, I need to get me one of these!

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