Monday, May 12, 2014

dylan is 28!

my main man and best friend turned 28 yesterday! he was pestering me for the last 2 weeks to let him open his gift, so i finally gave it to him friday evening before all our friends came over. my parents pitched in to help me get him the gopro black edition and i feel like it's probably the best gift i've ever given him, if i do say so myself! he's been playing with it since he opened it and i must say, it's pretty darn cool. the quality is amazing and there's just so much you can do with it. what's extra cool is that you can download their app and sync your phone to the camera and you can control the camera from your phone and also view the photos/videos you take right away through the app.
what could it be?!

such a cutie.

naturally, one of the first things we did was try to figure out a way to attach it to chloe's collar. we're going to try to find the proper harness (yes, they make dog harnesses for a gopro!). in the mean time, we just attached it with a piece of string. while it's a super shaky video because it it's not stable, she didn't even mind it hanging there and we found the video just hilarious.

hope you had a great birthday, dyl! love you.

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daniela said...

OMG we are still looking for a way to put the GoPro on Koko! We can't seem to attach it to his harness and I know he'll try to take it off so it has to be extra sturdy. I cannot wait to watch Chloe videos!!

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