Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1 year ago...

i can hardly believe that one year ago today we got the keys to our condo; it's absolutely flown by.
there are a few little things that bug us about where we live, but overall, it's great. we've signed on for another year of renting here and then maybe after that we'll consider buying something.

 so weird to see it empty.

 i remember the first night sleeping over, without *any furniture*, like it was yesterday. sleeping on the floor with 2 blankets isn't exactly comfortable, but you do it because you're so excited.
 we only brought the essentials.
painting like the little painter i am.

i love that dylan now loves this city like i do and i think he finally gets why it stole my heart years ago. we're pretty lucky to be living in the best cities, that's for sure.

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Shanondoah said...

It's crazy how fast time flies particularly when you're in a place. I've been in my condo for 2 years, I don't understand how that's possible!

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