Monday, September 2, 2013

zoo times...

my favorite animal is probably a little uncommon and one a lot of people have never heard of; the capybara. they're the largest rodent in the world and they kind of look like giant guinea pigs and i just think they're so frickin cute. of course, i had only seen them online, until this past weekend. i don't even remember how, but i was looking online or on instagram or something, and i saw that high park has a zoo! and the best part, that they had capybaras! omg, i needed to get there asap. the next day, we took spooner the fella we were dog sitting up until yesterday) and headed on over. it's a small 'zoo' in the middle of the huge park, with just a few animals; yak, deer, emu, llamas, highland cattle, etc. it's free to enter (and leashed dogs are allowed), but they hope for donations as it costs $230,000 a year to run and isn't funded by the city of toronto).

sleepy time in the feeding trough. 

large and in charge.

little wallaby friends! 
here they are, the capybara!
babies!! i die.

wish i could have held one :)
the llamas are surpringly soft.
hi salsa.


selfies with a yak.


Amber said...

Okay, I've never heard of a capybara until now and I'm obsessed. How freakin' cute!!!

Meredith said...

I've been following your blog for awhile (found you on 20sb) because I used to live right outside of Toronto (and I was in Toronto yesterday actually!), but I have never commented until now. I just had to because of the Capybara!

I FREAKING LOVE THOSE ANIMALS!! I think I first saw them on a school trip to the zoo a few years ago, and the Canada Day fair in my hometown has a petting zoo each year and they are ALWAYS there! They're so adorable, it's insane. Love the pictures of the babies... I want one as a pet. So badly!

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