Friday, September 13, 2013


school is keeping me busy, that's for sure. my days are long, and when you add in the commute, they're very long. dylan and i have barely seen each other this week; i get home from class, he's already gone to work (he works afternoons sometimes, but mostly nights), he gets home, i'm asleep, i wake up and he's sleeping. and the cycle repeats. however, tonight we have a little date night planned, so all is good. in the meantime, while he's gone, i'm bogged down i homework and readings. oh the life of a student. i forgot what it was like.

i was able to get my new laptop and i went with the acer aspire r7 and i have to say, i love it. i love the different hinge, and that it's almost like a desktop with the track pad in the back and a 'floating monitor' so to speak. because of this, it makes sense to buy a mouse and use that over the track pad. of course, you can have it set up like a regular laptop, too, with the screen all the way back, or turn it into a giant tablet when you lay the screen flat. the only thing i'm getting used to is windows 8, which right now, i'm still super confused by. (no, this is not a sponsored post, i just think this computer is super cool)
 books. everywhere. all the time.
windows 8, you confuse me.

in other unrelated, but awesome news, i ran into someone yesterday. does anyone watch the show hannibal? if not, you should, it's fantastic. they're only 1 season in thus far and it's filmed in toronto. so after class yesterday, i met dylan at a store downtown and after a few errands, we were on our way home. we were walking down spadina, just south of queen st and we were stopped at a light. i'm glancing at the people across from us also waiting for the light and i see this guy and think, "geez, that guy kind of looks like a disheveled hugh dancy." the light changes and we start to cross the street. i'm still looking at him and as we get closer, i realize it's totally him. and he looked at me and gave a little smirk and totally knew i knew who he was. 

right away, i turn to dylan, "did you see who that was?! the guy from hannibal!!" and dylan is all, "let's turn around and get a picture with him." but, i'm too chicken and i feel weird asking celebs for pictures, especially because he was just by himself and minding his own business. he asked me if i was sure because he was still close enough that we could have turned around. but i was embarassed. of course, 3 minutes later, i was kicking myself for not going back and getting a picture. but, twitter, the ever reliable source that it is, tells me that they're back in the city filming season 2 right now, and here's to hoping that if i see him again, i'll maybe be able to grab a shot. and yes, he's very cute in person! 

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