Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sand in the city...

our days open day continued by the water. quite a few boats were docked and you could go tour around them and check things out. unfortunately, they weren't going out on the water.

 we want a boat :)
aye aye captain.

after all the doors open stuff was finished, we went over to sugar beach, a small man-made beach with views of both water and the city, and adjacent to the sugar factory (shown here), hence the name. 

the sugar factory to the left.

where we plan to rent a little 2 person boat this summer. can't wait.
for some reason, my camera got turned on the 'soft' effect..

i'm betting these pictures are not what people think of when they think of toronto. little did you know we have a harbourfront, real beaches, and man-made beaches that are literally minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment district. such a peaceful area of the city.


Unknown said...

I had no idea what to picture Toronto like but your pictures are amazing and look like a blast! I'm a sucker for exploring and killing endless hours walking around new cities. Jess

daniela said...

Like, rent a canoe?! Do you have to be able to paddle to rent boats? Because I would get lost at sea...or lake, I guess. LOL

Amber said...

Okay, what are you guys doing wearing coats and scarves?! What's the weather like??

Looks like a perfect weekend!

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