Thursday, December 27, 2012

santa was here!

i was pretty excited for christmas morning; the fact that i woke up at 5am would tell you that. i'm 5 years old, really. i forced myself to go back to sleep and then woke up at 7:30 for good. i turned the tree on, got a few things organized, then woke dylan up. we opened our gifts and since we were done pretty early, headed on over to my parents by 9:30.
the little miss and her stocking.

2 more glasses to equal a set of 4, a decanter, and 15 year scotch. a mans gift.

 new cord from swarovski because mine broke earlier in the month (from a necklace i have), 'the lucky one' book, cat weights! (jk, it's a joke box that was filled with bath stuff), and this beautiful bracelet.

my first magazine from a new subscription. not for christmas, it just happened to be in the mailbox from the day before and i'm really excited about it.

our cards. he got me the one on the right; love it.

dylan did a pretty good job on my stocking, too. way better than i did on his. mostly because he tripled the budget...that man...

i'm aware that i'm doing entirely too many christmas posts, but in the end, this blog is for us, and if i were to ever lose all my pics on my computer (like i've come close to in the past more than once. *note* everything is now on an external hard drive, as well), i would at least have this blog. i'll save my parents place for another post because there's just way too many pictures.

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Amber said...

That bracelet is GORGEOUS! I love all the gifts he got you.

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