Thursday, November 22, 2012

celebrating 6 years...

saturday was a much needed date day, in which we spent in toronto celebrating 6 years. dylan got home from nights at 9:30am, and without sleep, we were out the door shortly after. we had a day full of coffee, shopping, dinner, christmas lights, a so-so dinner, and more.
who needs sleep? not dylan!
my favorite.
reindeer on yonge st.
giant reindeer in the mall.

the mall also had something really cool set up that saturday; a place to get a flipbook of yourself! the lineup wasn't long at all, so obviously, we waited. you had 6 seconds to do whatever you wanted to do in front of a camera, then they could cut it all up, put a cover on it, and staple it, and it was ready 20 minutes later (this size). for FREE. coolest.thing.ever. we danced, and it's like, my favorite thing of us.

someone practicing for a show later that night.
city hall tree.

yay! we have topshop! (& j.crew as seen above)
i love christmas windows.
along with our anniversary cake ( seen here) we picked up earlier in the day, we tried a new cupcake place, too.
a little walkway i love.
'holiday magic' in yorkville, a lighting ceremony, with matt dusk singing christmas songs, and free cider and cookies. we've gone almost every year :)
all lit up.

we got home around 8:30, poured us each a glass of wine, and hung on the couch with some tv. within 30 minutes, dylan was out cold. i could see the wine glass in his hand tipping and when i tried to take it from him, he had a death grip on it. boy likes his wine ;) he certainly caught up on his sleep though, sleeping straight through till 9:30am. overall, a fantastic day spent together.

ps. happy thanksgiving to the americans!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome anniversary... and I want some cupcakes!

Ibitz said...

Congrats! ^_^ I just recently celebrated my 5 years with my fiancee so I know how giddy you guys must have been! :)

Looks like you both had lots of fun! :)

I am now following ya! :D

daniela said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time celebrating! Congrats :))

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