Monday, October 8, 2012

my heart...

i must say, i thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. we spent saturday in toronto and wandered around the city enjoying the brisk fall weather. a couple months ago, moroco chocolat held a s'mores contest online, and the winner would get an $80 dinner, including a piece of s'mores cake and the tabletop s'mores. turns out only 4 people entered, and i was the winner! we decided the cooler fall day would be the perfect one to visit the city and make it a date.

as for the food, i ordered the truffled mac and cheese (absolutely to die for), and dylan got the burger, which he said was awesome. my meal was so rich and heavy that i had to stop half way, knowing that a decent amount of dessert was on its way. (my mom and i went in the summer just for dessert; see here.)

fall outfit of black jeans, sweater, jean jacket and scarf.

 excited to be going back to toronto!

 it looks a mess, but it's a molten cake, topped with a piece of graham cracker, then a big toasted marshmallow on top, covered in salted caramel and pecans. oh my word.
 tabletop s'mores!

 intensely toasting my marshmallow.

photo booth love.

on the way home, we were listening to the new mumford and sons album (it's good), and for some reason, it made me so emotional. so much so that i started crying thinking about  how much i miss toronto, and how i just want to be back. crazy city; the love runs deep.


safire said...

Super cute couple! I love your scarf and your flats. I can't wear fall outfits yet in Florida but we're slowly getting there :)

Unknown said...

Wow I just stumbled on your blog and I love it!! You look beautiful :)

Follow me back? :)

xx Emily

Kiki said...

Love this post all the food makes me hungry, and your outfit is so cute! I found your blog today and i just had to follow! so cute

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