Wednesday, September 19, 2012

updates about jobs & life...

it's been about a month and half since i wrote this post about our {quite big} bump in the road. i'm happy to say things are on the up and up, though it's still going to be a rough few months until things get easier. i mentioned that dylan had signed up for that one week course, which starts september 24th. well, he started handing out resumes to companies letting them know he would be completing this course by the end of the month and he'll be able to work. his friend has been in this industry for years and has always tried to convince dylan to join him. anyways, a couple weeks ago, dylan got a call to come in for an interview. he dropped me off in toronto for a few hours so i could wander around, and off he went. he called me not to long after that and said he got the job. you think i would have been happy, but really, i just cried in the coffee shop i was sitting in.

yes, it's a job, but in my opinion, it's awful. it's straight nights, 5 days a week, to start. he may not leave until midnight, he may get home at 4am. who knows. the reason he has to put up with this is because for work in this industry, you need about 350 apprenticeship hours (at $X/per hour) and then you join the union and your pay almost doubles, and it's a very good salary. this is one of the few companies that will train people and give them their apprenticeship hours. the plan is that once he gets these hours (it should take about 3 months), he'll quit and move to another company and work regular day hours.

other cons to this job? it's about 20 minutes outside of toronto. yes, the city i just moved from 2 months ago and love with all my heart. which also means....we had to buy a car. could we afford one at this point? nope. thank goodness his aunt and uncle are very generous (the ones we house sit for) and helped us out greatly. as of a few days ago..we bought this baby..
2007 hyundai elantra. our first car!

lets hope we can stick it out the 3 months (mostly me) and once he moves companies, it won't be so bad. the plan is that once our lease is up here, we'll be back in toronto and that makes me happier than anything really. and i know he loves that city, too.

as for me? i've been working part time with a local neighborhood BIA; assisting in the office, some social media, attending and helping with events, etc. it's a fun job, fairly laid back, but i do still need something with  more hours and more money. at least this is giving me experience in the meantime.

this was the long winded version of what's been up with us. we're still paying our bills and rent on time! we never hit rock bottom, or even close (financially), really; budgeting definitely comes in handy.

it's been an experience, this whole thing, and i gotta say, regardless of how cheap i am day-to-day anyways, i am ready to move on from it. i want to be cheap because i want to be/choose to be, not because i have to be, ya know?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Izzy's trying to find something closer to where I live because right now his job is an hour away AND it sucks AND the hours suck. Bleh. So I know how you feel. But I guess a jobs a job right?

Amanda said...

Thanks for the updates on your life! And congrats on the new car :) It's always exciting even if it wasn't in the plans. As for the crappy hours, I know it'll fly by, especially since you have little Chloe to keep you company!

s1814 said...

I am glad to hear that things are looking up for you in life. I know how hard it can be with different schedules. Right now I took a job 2 hours away from my bf and while I work weekdays he always works weekends. Never a full day together! You will get through it and be all the better for it :)

Abbie said...

Hi! I came across your post on 20SB. Anyway, I'd agree with the other comments -- it's a job, and in this economy, sometimes you have to take what you can get. From your description, it sounds temporary, and if you can stick it out through this, the benefits will be great. My boyfriend does shift work at an ice cream cone factory, and volunteers to work midnights (11pm-7am) every few weeks. It was nice when I was in school because I wouldn't be tempted to stay up late, and we were able to meet up for breakfast every now and then. Good luck!

Ellen's Cakes said...

I guess it is good that it is temporary! It is probably going to suck at some times but by the end of it when you guys have a good pattern going again, you each will appreciate each other a whole lot more!

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