Friday, September 28, 2012

beach days...

all but 2 days were perfect weather. but that's ok because we used those as shopping days (finally part of the j crew club. holla!) and i did pretty good. between the gap, j crew and marshalls, i was able to get 2 pair of shoes, a cardigan, and a nice sweater for $76! anyways, back to the beach. we usually made our way down to park out butts by 10am and be a sun goddess for the day. i managed to get through 2 books, drink mimosas on the beach, and only get a burn on one day, which has since healed and left me with a nice little tan. i'm pretty sure i'm still pale by most peoples standard, but i'm the most tan i've ever been.

as for the ocean. oh boy, the aquatic life. it was quite terrifying. i went about ankle deep and that was that. people were fishing right at the shoreline and catching fish!! and dylan talked to a son and father fishing one night and he said they caught a baby shark. another person said it's only tourists that go in the ocean because they don't know what's in there. that's all i needed to hear! not to mention the minnows. god they scare the crap outta me and they're all around you by the millions. i stuck to the 4 pools, thanks.

taking in the sight of the ocean.
how my days we spent.
he said it was necessary to bury him.
then we gave him boobs and a belly.
ahhh perfect.
nice short lines, eh?
a perfect day.

drinking walmart wine in a water bottle. so much wrong with that.

onto mimosas.
thanks to the lady who offered to take our picture when she saw us with our phone in hand, arm stretched out!

last day :(

does this post win the award for having the most photos? i think it may, yikes. but being on a beach was so nice, and we really don't get to do it very often. long live tans, day drinking, and bathing suits!

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