Tuesday, July 24, 2012

let them eat cake...

on my actual birthday, my girl friend came over so we could go out for a drink since she was going to nyc the next day with her mom (obvi major jealous over here) and couldn't come out on the weekend. she showed up with a little cake for the 3 of us and we had one of our usual trio dates.

 so cute and delicious! (the cake, not me)
 yes, the candle caught the fondant!

 met in gymnastics when we were 2; how do you like that?
 strike a pose (also, please excuse the hideous fuse box, we still need to find some sort of canvas to cover it)
oh look, dylan was there, too.

we went for a drink and nachos at a nearby bar then came home and crashed from fullness. my friend then snuck out while we were still sleeping at 6:30am to go to nyc with her mom. again, uber jealous. 

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