Monday, June 25, 2012

end of an era...

friday was our last day in toronto together before the big move. so sad; this chapter is coming to an end, and quickly at that. we started the day early with breakfast at our favorite place; over easy, which is across from the ROM. we've been coming here for the whole 5 years i lived here, so it kind of made sense to end with breakfast there, too. then we did a little shopping for our place, stopped and rented harry potter 2 for later that night, grabbed a latte on a patio, hung out with the dog at the park, and then hit up the grocery store. we needed some dinner and of course, snacks for the movie. guacamole, nachos, and layered sour cream/salsa/cheese dip it was.
 love a little latte art. @ l'espresso.
 she cools off in the fountain after every walk.

oh, just us.

somehow, while we were out and about for the day, i had forgotten that i wanted to get one last red velvet cupcake from the best place in toronto, the only place that makes a proper red velvet cupcake, and the place i rave about all the time on the blog; dessert lady. after dinner, we hightailed it over there, and i picked up the last one they had for the day :)
 father, daughter-walking home.
a small piece of heaven.
the next morning; i have the laziest dog ever who lays in hilarious positions.

a little story: mr. dylan cannot handle any heat, and with the temps being just over 40degrees C for a few days, even with my air at the coldest, it was barely cool in my place. therefore, dylan decided to move my coffee table and bring my mattress in the living room for us to sleep for the 2 nights. the bedroom was just not getting the breeze. one night, someone was breathing a little too loud so i grabbed the blanket and headed to my room to sleep on the floor (it was already 5am, so i knew i didn't have to sleep too long on the floor). dylan comes in 2 minutes later to ask me what the hell i'm doing and of course, chloe follows him and jumps on the bed she's jumped on for 5 years. except there was no mattress. it was just wooden slats (you know, on an ikea bed frame, like 3 inches apart). i can only imagine what went through her mind as she just launched herself onto wood; she was completely frozen! i took her down and we spooned (still on the floor) until 7am :) luckily, she wasn't hurt, and the experience didn't scar her because as soon as the mattress was back on, she was jumping back on it. 

and that was our last sleepover and time together in my apartment. the end of an era.


Amanda said...

:( Such a sweet perspective on the end of an era! It's too bad that you can't stay, but I know that this next chapter is going to be a fun and exciting one!

Kerri Carrie said...

It's always sad when it's the end of an era. Change and moving can always be hard. I like how you put an upbeat spin on just seems sweet and positive.

Good luck for the next chapter!

Dylan said...

We have simply turned the page. Often the most suspenseful novels have you wondering when you'll return to those happiest of moments. Our novel will have many chapters. And many of those will describe dog walks, smiles, movies, and lattes. The future is exciting. Love you!

Unknown said...

haha that pose the doggie is doing on the couch is too cute! She sure looks comfy! Change is scary, but exciting!!

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