Tuesday, May 29, 2012

scenes from the weekend...

this weekend involved: coffee, wine, bbq's, backyard relaxing, early mornings, antiquing, furniture shopping, and a little shopping for myself ;)
 how i spend my mornings before work.
 i bought myself a little 'i'm leaving and i'm depressed about it' gift. this bracelet in gold.
 a hot afternoon + zinfandel in my parents backyard.
beady little eyes mcgee 
early morning (7am) antique market trips. i like mornings more than him.
country roads along the way.
there were some weird things at the antique show. (that bull (?) head already had a SOLD sign on it half hour after the show started!)
 a few finds for our new place. 2 suitcases for $34 and the ladder for $30.
 getting the ladder home in a sunfire was fun!
a little break when we got home.
and an ikea find for $20. we want our deck to have a lot of different lanterns.

we've got so many ideas in our heads (and on pinterest) for our new place and i'm really hoping that they turn out as good in reality as what we're imagining! also, since saturday, we've been in a massive heatwave and have been hitting almost 40 degrees celsius. it's continuing today; luckily i'm inside an air conditioned building all day.


Jess Longo said...

Great finds lady! Looks like you had a close to perfect weekend :)

GurlNxtDoor said...

I LOOOOVE that little candle lantern!

Georgina said...

I love antiquing and browsing flea markets :)

I just stumbled upon your blog and have become your newest follower.

Looking forward to more posts

xo Georgina

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