Friday, April 13, 2012

the married club...

tomorrow, we will be attending our first 'friend' wedding. i've only been to a handful of weddings, but so far they've all been family. it's a couple who i went to high school with and it's so weird to see them getting married; they're the first of the group of friends to do so. and yes, they've been dating since high school, about 10 years!
tender touch.
the men get to suit up. and the girls put on a pretty dress.
and dance to good tunes.
the card i got. there were some very pretty ones, but i'm not paying $12!

a saturday night where i get to eat my heart's content and drink for free(well, to the tune of x amount of dollars for the wedding gift); i can't wait. i guess we're coming to an age where our friends will start getting married, so i suspect many more of these (expensive) weekends in the next few years. but who doesn't love a good wedding?

*first 3 pictures from my cousin's wedding last year.


Leanna Vera said...

The card you picked out is great! I've got my first friend wedding this summer and I'm really looking forward to it! But you're definitely right, it's going to be an expensive few years!

Amanda said...

Love the card that you picked! Have so much fun this weekend :) I know it's going to be fun and you're going to look great!

Kim Humes said...

I love weddings too! And trust me, you ARE getting to the age when everyone around you will be getting married. I have been experiencing that the past two years or so (I'm 27 now). One of my besties is getting married next summer, actually. I'm in no rush to head down the aisle myself, though!! lol. Have fun!

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