Friday, March 9, 2012

it takes a thousand miles to reach the stars tonight...

ah the weekend. rather exciting, isn't it? big plans for today, i tell ya; chloe's got a vet appointment, and ya, that's about it. dyl and i are betting on what she's going to weigh in at and we're thinking around 19.6 pounds (that's me getting specific), maybe even hitting 20. who knows. remember when they told me she would be 6-8 pounds?!? yaaa riiighhhhttt. that didn't happen. she's certainly not fat, you just never know with mixed breeds. so that's that, and i just went on a little tangent there. saturday, me and my mom are heading across the border for some shopping (still need a dress for an upcoming wedding!), and i'm happy to see that the dollar is par, or if not, very close.

depending on what time we get back on saturday, me and dylan might get to have a little movie date. he won about 12 movie tickets from work, so we're set for a while! now to find out of there's anything new worth seeing this weekend. and if not, well, the popcorn certainly makes it worth going :)

happy weekend.

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