Friday, March 30, 2012

i got a city love...

in a mere 30 days, i'll be walking the streets and taking it all in. it never gets old i tell ya. we'll be sippin' on coffee, eating delicious pizza, and enjoying drinks on the rooftop patio. and of course, galavanting in washington for a day, too.
taken last year.

the energy in that city just can't be matched. take me back now. until then, i'll just walk around toronto and enjoy my city.


safire said...

I love the north in the warmer months! I live in Florida and it's way too hot for comfort during the summer. I escape to NYC to enjoy the beautiful scenery getting in lots of walking.

That picture is gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend!

Blicious said...

gorgeous pic!

Nikolett said...

Have I told you I'm jealous yet? Because I am jealous haha. And hoping the weather is as perfect as last week (you're so lucky you didn't get snow, the ice pellets were whipping at my face last night)!

P.S. We're the best at Draw Something. Just sayin' ;)

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