Sunday, February 19, 2012

instagram round-up...

it's kind of nice having weekends off lately (ya know, like a normal person). i've been making myself french press coffee, pancakes, and overeating just a little bit. here's another linkup with jenni of some recent happenings.
 out for breakfast with my parents. and yes, he's sporting a black eye from horseplaying with a friend. grrr.
hanging out in the sink, i see.
last weekend at my parents; it didn't last very long.
delicious breakfast. there's potatoes in that white bowl; they're finger lickin' good.
  heart earrings for valentine's day at work; a bracelet from my dad (1995 i think) that says 'daddy's girl' all the way around and that i found in my dresser. it still fits my child sized wrists.
 the other days lunch; pizza from whole foods and a red velvet cupcake from my favorite bakery.
saturday morning snow, which was then replaced by wet, heavy snow, and then just rain.
my ridiculous bow to keep my ears warm, and OC marathons. i miss that show terribly. every thursday night, me and my 2 girl friends got together and ate nachos and cheese and watched it together. i can't believe that was in high school and so long ago.

i'm off to go watch more of the OC, drink a coffee, and maybe snack on some hershey's kisses. they're the best. oh, and one last thing - me and dylan watched the vow last night...umm it was not very good, not very good at all. i thought it was slow, boring, and such a letdown. the 2 minute trailer sure did a good job of making it look amazing and like i would bawl my eyes out. my eyes were dry as the desert. boo.


Courtney B said...

Yessss! I LOVED the OC!
Your ridiculous bow is the cutest bow EVER!
And I really neeeeeed an iPhone so that I can join in with instagram :)

Kristin said...

love your photos! My cat hangs out in the sink sometimes too, and the pizza & cupcake both look so delicious :)

Amber said...

That breakfast?! I DIE! So yum.

I didn't cry at The Vow either, such a letdown!

Sally said...

The OC!!! I remember being addicted to that show - we all were in high school!! Love the cute heart earrings. Have a great day friend!! x

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