Sunday, February 5, 2012

instagram round-up...

another lazy sunday here! isn't there some sports things on today? something that people make a big deal about? soccer? baseball? whatever it is, i most certainly will not be watching it. (just kidding, i do know it's football, but i do not know who is playing, and i really won't be watching it. i especially will not be watching the halftime show with madonna. cannot stand that woman. end rant.) anyways, back to more exciting things, and not sports, i'm linking up with jenni again for an instagram roundup.
 1) sunday morning cup of coffee. 2) currently reading this and fyi, it's not very good.
 1) i had just brushed her. can you tell? didn't think so. my scruff-muffin. 2) she's so cute and just lets me swing her around.
 1) i got my ring (from dylan) cleaned and it's all sparkly and clean again. 2) an instagrammed pic of nyc last year, just because i'm excited to be going back :)
1) when we actually had a bit of snow; miss it. 2) i got a christmas card in the mail last week, a little late but that's ok. it was to dylan, but he gave the sender my address. also, it's  a miracle it made it to my place considering the address and postal code were wrong. mind blown.
 i couldn't pass up a pineapple for $1.99 this morning, though i had no idea how to cut it. but i managed.

turns out my mom is coming for a visit today because of the superbowl and my dad having buddies over. guess we'll probably watch a girly movie and go  out to dinner. take that, sports!


Lisa said...


Lena said...

People in Canada watch our American football and Superbowl? Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog! found you though the instagram linkup! good to know that cutrones book isn't good...i couldn't imagine it being that good, who is she anyways? (kidding)

newest follower :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Great pics girl... thanks for linking up and have a great week!! :)

Amy said...

Pineapples... the fruit that comes with instructions!

Hope you had a great time with your mom!

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